Since in 2008 the Economics Education Study Program, FKIP UNS, every year cooperates with:

  1. Directorate of High School Development
  2. Directorate of special education and special services
  3. Directorate of vocational high school Directorate of vocational education
  4. Directorate of Teachers and Education Personnel
  5. Policy research center, research and development agency and bookkeeping
  6. Center for assessment and learning of Balitbang and books
  7. Directorate of Junior High School
  8. Directorate General of Early Childhood Education
  9. Primary and Secondary Education, Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology to conduct studies to assist the relevant Directorates in making policies to improve education in the future.

In addition, the Economics Education Study Program FKIP UNS also collaborates with SMA and SMK Se Karisidenan Surakarta for the implementation of Educational Internships and Field Experience Practitioners for Economics Education FKIP UNS students. The Economics Education Study Program also collaborates with Modern retail in Karisidenan Surakarta regarding the implementation of DUDI internships for Economic Education students.