Economics education was previously divided into 3 areas of special expertise, namely Accounting, Marketing, Office Administration. Until 2015, a nomenclature emerged from the Directorate of Higher Education which stated that the Accounting and Office Administration Study Programs were independent and marketing was merged into one Economic Education Study Program.

The Economics Education S1 Study Program is one of the study programs at FKIP UNS which has an A accreditation score (SK Ban PT No. 3230/SK/BAN PT/Akred/S/XII/2018). In line with the vision and mission and the achievement of the accreditation value, the Economic Education Study Program seeks to prepare its graduates to become professional Economic education educators and researchers. In addition, the Economic Education study program also provides graduates with additional competencies as Entrepreneurs and Business Observers. At the end of his studies, S1 graduates of the Economic Education Study Program are entitled to a bachelor’s degree in Economics education, and are entitled to hold a Bachelor of Education degree (S. Pd).


Becoming a Study Program that produces intelligent economic educators towards an international reputation based on the noble values of national culture.


  1. Organizing education, learning, and guidance effectively to produce graduates in the field of economic education who are intelligent, highly competitive, independent, and have good personality.

  2. Organizing community service activities in the field of economics and economic education oriented to improving the quality of education and learning.

  3. Conducting research that produces new findings in the field of economic education and learning.


  1. To produce economic educators who have high professionalism and competence with global insight.

  2. Producing new innovations in the field of economic education as a basis for solving problems in the field of teacher training and education that are being faced which are increasing in quality and quantity.

  3. Produce works of community service that are able to solve practical problems in the field of economic education which are increasing in terms of quality and quantity.


  1. Economics Teacher
  2. Bank Employees
  3. Entrepreneur
  4. Economic Education Consultant
  5. Economic Education Researcher
  6. Etc.